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2009-02-24 15:43:49 by Timraband

Is a warm Newgrounds account.


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2009-02-24 15:52:26

happiness is a point of view.
one man cannot judge entirely what "happy" is. for it is something diffrent to everyone. but ultimately happiness is wht connects us all. what makes us unique... is our ability to be happy, and to care if we make others as happy as us.
Happiness is not something to "be had" or you can lose... happiness is what you allow yourself to feel. be happy with what you have. be happy with your family and friends. be happy for the bits worth living, but most of all be happy for your self. for if you change... so does everyone else around you.
this is the afterschool special...
Stalagmite. :D

Timraband responds:

Agreed. :D